It's overwhelming, I know

Not to mention intimidating and a space that just doesn't feel like it belongs to us.

And honestly, that's because it kinda doesn't. We aren't set up in any way to learn about it. It has been exclusive information that was reserved for white families.

The only reason we have access to how it works is because of the internet otherwise we would still be in the dark. A recent study from the feds shows that only 9.8% of the Latinx community invests directly into stocks but yet 94% of the top 10% invest directly into the stock market.

Being a shareholder is an important part of generational wealth. I have spent the last 9 years deep-diving into the stock market and I understand how this asset works. It's not easy and as I mentioned, it's overwhelming. You have to learn a new language - there are so many accessible resources out there but what is true and what isn't? What perspective do we latch on to? Most people teaching about investing in stocks are white and let's face it, their level of understanding is just different.

Most of us have faced hardships that have lead us to a toxic relationship with money. We resent it and it makes perfect sense, aside from believing it is evil, we have also not had access to it.

The good news is that money is a tool, you don't need much to start and what you start with generates more.

Watch our webinar for a conversation on why I believe the stock market is the most powerful tool when it comes to building generational wealth.



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